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Steve Darby - Perak FA Coach

Jika anda mempunyai sebarang cadangan, komen atau kritikan terhadap jurulatih Perak iaitu Steve Darby, anda boleh lakukan di ruangan ini berdasarkan kepada peraturan yang telah kami tetapkan pada ruangan FAQ.

Anda dinasihatkan supaya menggunakan Bahasa Inggeris sebagai bahasa pengantara namun penggunaan Bahasa Malaysia juga tidak dilarang. Sebarang komen haruslah menggunakan bahasa yang formal tanpa sebarang loghat daerah, negeri dan singkatan seperti yang anda gunakan pada sistem pesanan ringkas (SMS).

Kegagalan anda mematuhi syarat yang dinyatakan disini akan mengakibatkan komen anda dipadamkan tanpa sebarang notis.

Pihak pengurusan tidak akan bertanggungjawab terhadap sebarang komen yang anda lakukan. Semuanya adalah terletak dibawah tanggungan anda sendiri sebagai penulis.

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6 thoughts on “Steve Darby | I Know Better Than You Do

  1. me 109

    Good afternoon,Steve.
    We agree that you would know better than us in coaching the PERAK team.We respect you for taking full responsibilities in the defeat to Kedah,last weekend.But what puzzle us most is the way the lads played everytime they meet teams like Kedah or Perlis.I believe Perak are equal in terms of technical abilities (if not better) when compared to other teams in the M`sian League.Is it because they lack mental strength,or just plain bored playing football week in, week out.The 5-2 scoreline shows there`s weakness in defence.PERAK in the past has always been associated with a reliable back 4 and employs fast players down the right and left flanks.What happened to the good old days?Is it because the players don`t talk to each other (on the field) or is it because the Chilean players find difficulties to fit into the M`sian style of play?Whatever it is,we hope PERAK PLAY WITH MORE CHARACTER in coming games.The defence,they should be more aggressive and make their presence felt to opposing teams.
    Thank you.

  2. Yob Utara

    Steve, if you want to stick with your formation it's okay for me but please let's the 3 defend do their job properly as a solid defend. I just don't like to see Azlan keep overlap just to throw long ball thus making him fatigue or tired so fast.
    Same goes to Chan Wing Hong, too much overlap(defender) with 3-5-2 system is is really bad idea. Since you have 5 midfielder is not necessary to use defender as a attacking strike force.

    I hope you learn from you mistake and please don't show your arrogant face while victory is not belong to us.

  3. Raul hashim

    steve darby is a good coach but your formation not suitable for this team. you must change if you want look perak champion. i hope you can accept my and other fans opinion. you need change your skill training because your trainning very simple and not good for this team perak.

  4. harryhot

    But as for me, Steve Darby is not really a good coach because of his past experience with Singapore league. They dumped Steve Darby just because his old tactical and lack of ideas. Sorry Steve. I have to say this. We don't want bad things happen again. We also do have brains here in Malaysia, but we gave the opportunities for you to proof that you are good. This is professional football league although it is not same stature with EPL but whatever it is you have to act professionally and think wisely.

  5. seraimerah

    Steve Darby, you are the worst coach I’ve ever see since netto leave Perak.

    What have you done to Perak after 3 years taking over the seat? How many titles you had won for Perak?

    Perak have the biggest fan base in Malaysia and off course we need something to prove to other clubs that what we were really got something and you have to admit that what expectation we want was equally to our standard.

    Can you beat up Tony Netto records, won the title for Perak for the season as he being a coach?

    Why do we need to listened to your tactical approach that has clearly adapt from English tactical but England itself fail to enter the EURO 08?

    Perak had been proven, won the title under the tactical approach by Weigang from Germany as well as Netto with his Brazilian approach.

    Show us how English approach can bring up some title for Perak. Be realistic and realize that local coaches really good than you are being a local coach.

    If you tired listened to our comment and condemned, please leave Perak and that will be an honors way and we will always remember the achievement you have done to Perak with respect.

  6. yatty_sg

    steve darby is a great coach in my view but his tactical approach does not suit everyone well. as an experienced coach, he should realised that every players come with different abilities. so from there, he needs to adjust his tactical approach.

    during his time with Home United in the S-League, he managed to lead the team to S-League and Singapore cup champions so when he first arrived at Perak, hopes were high on him. me too, placed high hope on him.

    but now, most notably in this current season, he is still sticking with the old plan of his which in my opinion, no longer suitable for the perak team. i fully understand that he knows his team and the players the best, but that does not guarantee you a good result if he does not want to make any changes which are badly needed.

    my hope is to see steve darby opens his mind and accept others' opinions because if he stays like this, perak will suffer and that may cause him his job.


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